Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Mayur
Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Mayur


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Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Mayur

Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Mayur
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Wish Star - Paper Lampshade-Mayur

The Mayur paper lampshade features a delicate and carefully designed pattern. During the day it blends in tastefully with the rest of your décor in natural light, but in the evening light it up and watch as it throws beautiful dainty patterns on the walls and ceiling.

Our paper products are made from durable, high-quality materials. These lamp shades are made from sturdy paper and take mere seconds to assemble. Keep the product dry and you’ll be able to re-use it multiple times.

Detailed Design

This 3D paper lampshade features an incredibly detailed design that party planners and interior decorators alike would appreciate.

This package comes complete with a light cord and bulb protector.

This is a paper product so some precautions need to be made. If you use a light bulb, ensure that it is no greater than 40W CLF.

Keep this product away from wet conditions will ensure a successful event and allow you to reuse the star many times.