Wish Star - Needle point Gold
Wish Star - Needle point Gold


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Wish Star - Needle point Gold

Wish Star by Wishlantern This folding paper star features decorative white cotton hand embroidery on classic gold paper.
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Wish Star – Needle Point Gold

Needlepoint Wish Stars are incredible decorations for daytime and evening events. Once lit, their golden hue brings an enchanting glow to any event. With defined holes punctured in a neat pattern that is symmetrically spread from point to point, light easily escapes brightening up any space. At night to achieve optimal effect, add one of our hanging LED’s and enjoy the charming atmosphere.

They are easy to set up – simply pull the strings together until star is formed and just tie the knot in place. Wish Stars also go under the name of Diwali stars and can be matched to the color theme of your event to create your very own unique look.

Creating a Mesmerizing Atmosphere

Now that you have chosen the base colors for your magical event, it’s time to get accessorizing with more decorations. We have listed some colors that will go really well with these golden needlepoint Wish Stars!

Off-Color Whites

Muted Blues

Softer Browns

There is no need to feel overwhelmed when decorating an event – Birando has an incredible range of products and accessories to choose from at affordable prices.

This is a paper product so some precautions need to be made: Do not use a light bulb greater than 40W CLF and keep this product away from wet conditions to ensure a successful event and allow reuse.

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