Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver
Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver


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Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver

Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver
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Wish Star - Monravian 

Create your own unique look with the Moravian Wish Star detailed in gold and silver. Inspired by the Diwali celebrations, Wish Stars are an enchanting decoration that can create add a magical touch to any event.

These strikingly beautiful decorations are perfect for either daytime or evening hosted events. The Moravian Wish Star features a beautiful pattern that allows the light flow throughout the star creating gorgeous silver and golden hues.

The Moravian style shows off a multi-point paper star that comes in either plain or hole punched options.

Wish Star Color Palettes

Half the fun of hosting any event is deciding what color palettes you are going to use and what exciting decoration you can throw into the mix. It can sometime be quite difficult finding the right accessories for your event though, Wish Tars are versatile enough to take any event’s atmosphere from bland to bright. The colors below are especially stunning when paired with the silver and gold hues of the Marovian Wish Star:

Opaque Black

Off - White

Deep Red

Wish Stars are extremely simple to assemble. It’s as easy as pulling the strings together until the flat packed product develops into a stunning 3D star and tie a knot to secure it in place.

Even though are Wish Stars are made from robust paper, it is recommended that you use a light bulb that does not exceed 40W CLF and is stored in a dry place.

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