Large Wish Lantern Wedding Package
Large Wish Lantern Wedding Package


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Large Wish Lantern Wedding Package

Large Wedding Package
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Setting sky lanterns free at a wedding ceremony has become a dazzling tradition that provides a truly memorable experience. It is believed by many cultures that the longer and higher that the wish lanterns float, the more likely it is you will receive your wish. As newlyweds prepare to give up their individual paths and unite to embark on a journey together, it’s particularly poignant to do something that allows for reflection.

Large Wedding Pack

If you’re planning a fairly large wedding then we have packages for you. Invest in an event accessory that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of your guests, as well as stunning memorabilia in your wedding photos. With this package, all your friends and family can participate in your wish lantern launch. It includes:

  • 100 x wish lanterns
  • 50 wish pens
  • 20 wish lighters
  • 100 personalized package inserts

Invest in a truly spectacular finale to your big day with Birando décor and accessories. We believe in creating truly memorable events, while ensuring that our products as environmentally safe as they could possibly be. It’s important to plan the activity before too many guests begin drinking, as it requires sobriety in order to send off into the sky.

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