Square Pillar LED Candle


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Square Pillar LED Candle

Color Changing LED Candle with Remote Control
Part Number:LED CDLSQ1

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Create the effect of real candlelight in your home with the flickering LED light candle, set in real wax. These candles are known for their calming effect and can be placed around the home to create a soft glow. These LED candles can even be used to create a relaxing ambience for long bubble baths or as a night light for kids’ rooms as they are completely safe.

They don’t drip wax, present any fire hazards and the light won’t burn out. The light lasts for 60+ hours on one set of batteries.

The Square Pillar LED Candle Features:

  • A Remote control that can operate multiple candles
  • Function that allows for candles to "burn" for up to 4 or 8 hours
  • An automatic operational function 4 or 8 hours - Two light modes: flickering or steady light. All you have to do is press the "mode" button to set your preference.
  • A "multi color" button that lets the colors to change automatically or stay at a constant
  • Select from one of twelve colors.

Dimensions: 3.5"W x 5.0"H

Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)

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