Illuminate Your Event Our LED Light Cubes

Looking for a way to add that extra edge to your next event? Well, our LED light cubes are a funky and unique way to add a great lighting ambience to your patio or outside area. Mix and match a change colors and bring out the perfect subtle hues to complement your environment.

If you have a pool, why not get your hands on our floating pool lights that will illuminate your pool while you are entertaining your friends and family in the evening. Our rainbow orbs are made with hard, white acrylic materials that change color from the inside out.

Each orb comes with different lighting modes, including flash motion, strobe mode, fade mode or even just the smooth mode. You can also pick your favorite color by using the remote control and can also control the brightness of the orbs.

Circle not your favorite shape? We also stock these funky 12” waterproof LED light cubes. It is easy to impress your guests with this acrylic light cubes ability to project subtle light into the atmosphere. As an outside décor must, they are perfect for party lighting and can easily be arrange in multiple cubes around the patio or garden for a glamourous party setting. They come with the same functionality as the LED light orbs.

Go on, change your outside décor to reflect the mood of your planned evening with these innovative and stylish pool party products.

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Floating Pool Light - Rainbow Orb (1 Piece)
Waterproof LED Light Cube

Waterproof LED Light Cube

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