Wish Lantern continue to be at the forefront of lantern design and in July 2010 we became the first supplier in the USA to sell a 100% biodegradable wish lantern. Back in 2009 we started looking at replacing the small piece of wire in our traditional wish lantern with a fire resistant string that is capable of holding the burning fuel cell.

Were proud to announce the arrival of our Eco Wish Lanterns -100% Wire Free. Constructed with a thin bamboo frame and rice paper to complete the lantern, along with a woollen fire proof fuel cell cover instead of the regular wire cover that our other lanterns have, these lanterns are sure to biodegrade in a very short time after landing.

So if youre holding a special event in the near future and want to treat your guests to a beautiful display of white wish lanterns, as well as not being concerned about their impact on the environment, please do get in touch and one of our team will be able to arrange a delivery that can be sent out the same working day. We look forward to hearing from you!

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American Flag Eco Wish Lantern (5 Pack)
Eco Colored Wish Lantern® (5 Pack)