Candle Bags -  Doves & Heart Design (5 Pack)
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Candle Bags - Doves & Heart Design (5 Pack)

Pack of 5 Candle bags
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Doves and heart design candle bags are a perfect addition to any kind evening event you’re planning, from wedding receptions and anniversaries to birthdays and even Halloween. They’re ideal for adding a warm glow to the evening, creating an intimate atmosphere that encourages revelry. What makes them even more fantastic is how you’re free to lay them out in a variety of creative designs.

Our range of candle are available as with:

  • Snowflakes/fireworks prints
  • Doves and heart designs

They can be placed wherever you can think of such as:

  • Around pools
  • Along driveways and walkways
  • On the beach

What’s more, these beautiful bright features are:

· Safe to use as they are flame retardant

· Perfect for an intimate atmosphere

· Reusable for as long as you need them if kept dry

· Can be used with Birando’s flameless tea lights for a better experience and enhanced safety

How to use candle bags

The candle bags work with the use of (LED) tea lights, which you can also purchase on Birando. When setting them up all you need to do is fill them in with 1” of sand or pebbles, insert a standard wax candle or a flameless tea light. They’re flame retardant and reusable if they are kept dry throughout their use and thereafter.

Deliveries to home can arrive at any time up to 7.00pm in the evening.

5 Stars
Great product made well, and candle light shows up great.
Reviewed by:  from collinsville ms. on 3/1/2013

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