Fun, colourful and biodegradable latex balloons

Biodegradeable BalloonsOur latex party balloons are the perfect accessory at your next party. They’re available in a variety of bright colors that will liven the atmosphere. What sets our party balloons apart from the rest is that they are manufactured from 100% biodegradable latex. This means that they break down naturally in water and sunlight, much the same as leaves falling from a tree when the conditions are just right.

So, should your party leave behind a few small shreds of popped balloons, rest assured that it won’t harm the environment. However, we strongly encourage picking up the pieces and disposing of them properly. We also recommend putting weights on the balloons to prevent them from floating away if you fill them with helium. See the bottom of this page for more information on these latex balloons.

Choking hazard: Children under 8 should always play with latex balloons under adult supervision only.

Total Items: 6

Latex The Party's Here Balloon - 6 pack
Latex Balloons Zebra Pink - 6 Pack