Wish Lantern Wedding Gift
Wish Lantern Wedding Gift


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Wish Lantern Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift
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Finding out that someone you care about is getting married is a wonderful occasion. It’s a time for celebrating love and the joys of life. However, trying to find the perfect wedding gift to both show just how much you care, and be memorable enough to stand out from the crowd, can be really tricky. That’s where shopping on Birando’s becomes incredibly handy!

Not only do we specialise in party décor and accessories, but we have the perfect gift for you to give the bride and groom on their special day.

Impress With Sentiment

Our wedding gift package is a wonderful way to put the spotlight on the newlyweds and their incredible commitment to each other. They can each write a wish for their future together down and then release it into the sky, attached to a beautifully lit wish lantern. We include 3 sets of equipment for wish lanterns so that you can join in too if you’d like to make a ceremony of it in honour of the happy couple. Our wedding gift package includes:

  • 3 x wish lanterns
  • 3 x wish pens
  • 1 x wish lighter

Personalized wish lantern package inserts that are gift-wrapped

Get the perfect wedding gift package from Birando today! It’s easy and affordable, as well as romantic and thoughtful.

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