Small Wish Lantern Wedding Package
Small Wish Lantern Wedding Package


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Small Wish Lantern Wedding Package

Small Wedding Package
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In many cultures, writing down wishes and attaching them to sky lanterns is considered a symbol of good luck and even prosperity. It’s for this reason, that it has become a highly anticipated ritual around the world, particularly when it comes to weddings. It’s no surprise that brides and grooms have invented new and exciting ways to incorporate these incredible floating lights of good will into their festivities.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet extravagant way to provide incredible beauty for a wedding ceremony or reception, then consider our wish lantern wedding packages! Watch your dreams for the future float into the sky while your guests are mesmerised by the gorgeous display.

Small Wedding Pack

This is perfect for a quaint wedding, or if you’re looking to purchase in multiples of 25, it includes:

  • 25 x wish lanterns
  • 10 x wish pens
  • 5 x wish lighters
  • 25 x personalized package inserts

You can lay these out on the tables for when guests are seated at the reception, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Similarly, it’s a wonderful event accessory in terms of photographs and intimacy with the guests, as well as the newlyweds.

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