50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener (set of 3)


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50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener (set of 3)

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener (set of 3) One in each color - Brass, Olive Drab and Black
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50" Caliber Bullet Opener - Set of 3
A manly gift for a manly man

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves beer guns and all types of manly gadgets, but can’t afford a sleek sports car or behemoth SUV? Make a statement by with a set of demilitarized 50 caliber bullet casings, reworked into capped bottle openers. It’s the ideal for cracking open a beer for your guests at your next party or a gift for hunting enthusiasts, Father’s day, and Veterans Day, Christmas or bachelor parties.

Shopping for yourself and looking for the next awesome gadget to add to your collection? This unique bottle opener is the perfect accessory for your home bar or man-cave. In fact, it’s essential! If these bullets could hit targets from over 1.4 miles away, they can surely be trusted to open your beer.

What makes these bullet bottle openers so unique?

  • Contains no active gunpowder or primer
  • Cannot be reused in a gun
  • Measures approximately 6” in length
  • Opens all types of capped bottles (beer, cider, cool drinks etc.)
  • Consists of a durable brass casing that will last a lifetime
  • Each set contains 3 bullet openers in the following colors: Brass, Olive Drab and Black
Warning: These bottle openers resemble real bullets and should not be taken along to schools or airports when travelling.

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