16 oz World Art Cold Eco Cup (pack of 25)


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16 oz World Art Cold Eco Cup (pack of 25)

16 oz World Art Cold Eco Cup (pack of 25)
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This is not your average plastic, non-compostable, non-recyclable red party cup. This is the behemoth World Art™ Renewable and Compostable Cold Cup.

It does what every other cup does, like hold your favourite, refreshing beverages, but only better. What’s more, it’s a cup above the rest thanks to its environmentally friendly features. The World Art™ Cold Cup is certified as 100% compostable and made with 100% renewable resources, which means that after a fun-filled party it returns to its roots – mother earth.

Features include:

  • A capacity of up to 16oz of liquid
  • Ingeo™, a plant-based plastic, construction
  • ASTM compostability standards
  • Heat Tolerance of up to 105°F

Note: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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