10 Socket Commercial Grade, Weatherproof Outdoor Patio Lights

10 Socket Commercial Grade, Weatherproof Outdoor Patio Lights

10 Socket Outdoor Commercial String Light Set, S14 Bulbs, 21 FT Black Cord w/ E26 Medium Base, Weatherproof

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Are you looking for stunning hanging lights to create an ambience lighting effect? You can get a great selection of hanging string lights from Birando at affordable and reasonable prices.

Our commercial grade light stringer 10 Socket Patio Lights are a great accessory for any occasion whether you plan on hosting it indoors or outdoors. Romantic in nature, these lights will create a warm and subtle atmosphere for your next event.

Practical yet stylish

These 10 socket patio lights are completely waterproof which makes them perfect for wedding receptions, lighting up tents, building outlines or any place where permanent outdoor lightening is needed. These outdoor string lights add a romantic atmosphere to any space imaginable. You can also hang them on trees, poles, post or any elevated surface in and around your home or event space.

They are simple to use, all you have to do is plug them into a wall socket and hang them up. They can reach up to 21FT in length and have a parallel wiring type to ensure that if one light goes out the others will stay lit.

The lights come with a subtle black cord and can handle 10 x 11 bulb wattage.

Product Specifications:

  • Socket Type/Size: Standard A Type E26
  • Included Bulbs: S14 Bulbs
  • End-To-End Connection Limit: Up to 4 Cords Total (when used with included 11W Bulbs)
  • Wire Gauge: 18 Gauge
  • Voltage: 120V
  • AMP: Please note these cords can be plugged end to end, but please do not exceed the recommend Amperage of the cord. To calculate amperage of the cord, please use the following formula: Total Number of Bulbs x Bulb Wattage x 1.05 / 120 = Total AMPS
  • UL Listed: Yes