10 inch 3-Compartment Sugarcane Eco Plate (pack of 25)


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10 inch 3-Compartment Sugarcane Eco Plate (pack of 25)

10 inch 3 Compartment Sugarcane Eco Plate
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In years gone by traditional plastic and polystyrene plates littered our gardens, parks and streets for years. This is because non-renewable petroleum products take years to break down, if they do. As such the need arose to find a sustainable and renewable alternative and it’s finally here in the form of sugarcane fiber products.

Sugarcane plates are strong, grease and cut resistant. They are BPI certified compostable and manufactured from 100% reclaimed and renewable resources.

Their attributes include:

  • They’re made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource
  • They meet ASTM compostability standards
  • They’re freezer safe

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